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Everything can get old and broken over time, and so does your garage door. Routine maintenance can help your door operate properly year round. However, at some point you will need to repair or replace your garage door. If you’re having problems with your garage door, we have you covered! Absolute Overhead Door Service is the highest-rated garage door company in Georgetown. Give us a call today at 859-900-2520 to schedule same-day service and a free repair estimate!

Absolute Overhead Doors is the best Georgetown garage door repair company and can be the solution to all your garage door problems. Our overhead door service professionals are garage door specialists and are able to handle any garage door application, no matter how big or small. We’ve been servicing homeowners in Georgetown since 2008.  We are the highest-rated garage door company in Central Kentucky. Don’t believe us? Check out the reviews of our company and our competitors across several platforms online. You’ll see firsthand from real customers our commitment to an excellent customer service experience.

Hello everyone my name is James McArter, the GM Absolute Overhead Door Service of Lexington. If you’re watching this video today you more than likely have a broken garage door or a broken garage door opener and you’re located in Georgetown or Scott County home of a TMMK or Toyota Manufacturing Plant. Inside of Georgetown we actually cover and service many neighborhoods including Belvedere, Deer Run Estates, Fishers Mill, Mallard Point, and Walnut Creek Estates, and many others. In Georgetown, we do provide same-day service. Give us a call before 1 p.m. any day Monday through Saturday we will have a technician out there same day to repair your garage door or your garage door opener. Our technicians once they arrive will perform a full 22 point inspection on your garage door and garage door opener. Now our technicians are certified and certified and properly trained to look for things like how your garage door balances, whether your remotes are working properly, the tension that’s on your garage door on the torsion springs of your garage door, and many other aspects of the garage that we’re going to check to make sure that they’re in proper working order and working safe. Once we conclude our 22 point inspection, our technician is going to go over any findings that he has come across and present those to you. We’ll give you several options on how to replace your garage door. Not necessarily replace but repair your garage door. But speaking of replacing your garage door, we do offer same-day service on estimates as well if you’re wanting to replace your garage door or replace your garage door opener. Give us a call before 1 p.m., we’ll come out there and take a look at it and go over all your options with you so you’re getting the exact garage door and opener that you’re wanting at your property. If you’ve got any questions or if you’re looking for situations such as your garage door won’t open or it won’t close, how to program keypads, or anything like that check our FAQ tab. Also from there if that doesn’t answer your question and you need to get a service technician out there you can give us a call at the phone number that’s listed on this website or you can go to our home page and click on the book now or request appointment or schedule and schedule your own call online. Again my name is James McArter with Absolute Overhead Door Service and we thank you for visiting our website.


Georgetown Garage Door Broken Spring Repair

There are different garage door repairs that you may encounter as a homeowner with a garage. The most common repair that we see is a broken garage door torsion spring. A broken spring will leave your garage with little to no function at all. It’s best not to operate your door if you think you have a broken spring and call a professional immediately to replace it.

Garage door broken springs come from the wear and tear they endure over time. These springs are rated for a certain cycle life. Once they reach the end of this rating, they will break or lose their strength. Like mentioned above, once they break, your garage door is essentially useless as your springs are responsible for lifting the weight of your garage door. If you try to use your garage door with a broken spring, you will put undue damage on the other components of your door as each of these parts work in coordination with one another. If one part is under strain, the rest will be put under more tension as well.

Many homeowners think they can simply replace the spring on their own. While this will save you money up front, this is extremely dangerous and if done incorrectly can cost you much more money in the long run. It’s important that you replace your broken spring with one that is the correct size. If not, you can severely damage your door. We have seen this happen to customers before and they had to replace their entire door. So, whether it’s saving you money in the long run or keeping you safe – it’s best to call a professional. At Absolute Overhead Door Service we offer same-day service and free estimates for homeowners in Georgetown for replacing broken garage door springs.

Georgetown Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

If your garage door opener is defective and you are stuck outside, it is time for you to seek the aid of the professionals that can help you get back in your garage safe and sound with quick response times and skilled technicians. Depending on the severity of the repairs, you may need to install a replacement garage door opener. It’s important that you choose a company that provides high-quality, dependable garage door operators.

There are several common reasons why your garage door opener doesn’t work such as the transmitter batteries are dead or the transmitter itself is faulty or malfunctioning, the photo-eye is unaligned, the motor, cables or springs are damaged, and/or the disconnect switch is enabled. Whatever reason it is, our team at Absolute Overhead Door Service in Georgetown can help you repair your garage door opener or install a new one.

If you have an unidentified issue with your garage door opener, give us a call today at 859-900-2520 to schedule your free estimate.

Georgetown Garage Door Installation

Sometimes a damaged garage door is beyond repair. Whether this is the case with your door or you’re simply looking to enhance your curb appeal, Absolute Overhead Door Service is your premier garage door installers.

Replacement Garage Doors

If you are planning to install or replace for your garage door, Absolute can help you choose a new, high-quality garage door that will operate much more efficiently and last longer than your existing door. Several factors indicate that your garage door should be replaced.

  • If your garage door starts opening and closing much slower than it the first time you got it, it might mean that you need a new garage door installment.
  • Increased noise level shouldn’t be ignored. A lot of noise, hasty sounds in the form of grinding, squeaking or thumping can be a warning sign that it’s time to have a new one.
  • Other factors that you need your garage door to be replaced can be checked by its functionality, security, and appearance.

If you notice any of these signs, or are unsure whether or not your door can be repaired, give us a call. One of technicians can come to your home and provide you with a free estimate.


Absolute is your one-stop-shop for selecting, installing, and servicing your residential garage door. We carry doors from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Between both Haas and Safeway Doors, thee is a wide selection of garage doors in several different designs, materials, and colors. Our technicians can help you decide which door best fits your needs. Check out our online design tool to see what each of the different options will look like on your home. Once you have designed your dream garage door, give us a call for a free estimate.

Georgetown Commercial Garage Door Repair

Looking to repair or replace your existing commercial overhead door?

There are a variety of commercial door designs to fit the individual needs and situations of your business. These are some of the most common commercial overhead doors types:


Rolling Service Doors

A comprehensive line of rolling steel commercial doors with insulated or non-insulated slats. These slats are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum that makes this type of door nice and tough.

Insulated Steel Doors

Durable, reliable, and energy efficient doors that are the perfect option if you’re looking for a long service life. Choosing an insulated model will help in heating and cooling costs as well.

Ribbed Steel Doors

Whether you need doors for an industrial warehouse or a pole barn, these door are durable, long lasting doors at an economical price. You can choose insulated or non-insulated versions in a variety of color and design options.

Aluminum Glass Doors

This type of commercial door gives visual access and light even when the door is closed. These doors are typically used for tire stores, fire stations, and auto shops. Our premium commercial aluminum series is rust and corrosion free and are available in powder coated colors.


Other types of commercial doors include: Fire Rated Doors, Rolling Sheet Doors, and High-Speed Metal Doors. It’s important that you choose a quality built, tough commercial door that can withstand your needs. Absolute Overhead Doors can boast a complete selection of performance and safety-tested commercial and industrial doors so you can ensure whatever your business needs are, we can provide the level of service needed.

Commercial overhead doors are the best choice for durability and hassle-free performance. If you’re unsure which door would work best for your business, our expert technicians can help in giving you recommendations on which would be the most efficient garage door that will last longer than any other option. It’s our mission to provide the best customer service experience for our commercial clients. We work hard to return you to business as usual as quickly as possible by getting jobs done right the first time.

Your Georgetown Garage Door Experts

Each of our technicians go through extensive training to ensure they are prepared for any possible situation you’re having with your garage door. You can count on our experienced and professional technicians to provide reliable and trusted services. So, you can be assured that you will get the highest quality garage door service available. You’ll never feel pressured to make an unneeded repair with our free repair estimates. We can fix your garage door from 8 am – 6 pm, Monday thru Saturday. We also offer no extra charges for evenings and Saturday’s and provide 24-hour Emergency Service with minimal charges.

With our same day service you will no longer have to worry about your garage door hindering daily operation or keeping you from work. We schedule appointments in two hour time blocks and our advanced software will send you a text message or email when our technician is on their way with a link to track our technician on his way to your home. You’ll never have to sit at home all day wondering where the service technician is.

Always keep in mind that there are some things that you can repair on your own but there are other problems that fixing it yourself is a bad idea especially if you know nothing at all in repairing a garage door. These issues are better left to professional technicians. There are several reasons why your garage door might be malfunctioning, and this must be identified to properly fix and issues. Your door may have a snapped garage door spring, a broken panel or a garage opener malfunction. Any of these issue should be handled by professionals.

If you’re having problems with your garage door in Georgetown, KY – give us a call at 859-900-2520 to schedule your free repair estimate today


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