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Garage Door Repair

At Absolute Overhead Door Service of Lexington, we’re proud to offer comprehensive garage door services throughout the “Horse Capitol of the World”. Our locally owned and operated garage door company has been serving homeowners for 12 years. You’ll never have a difficult time reaching us; you’ll always speak to another human 24/7 – never be sent to voice mail – no matter what time you call!

We provide garage door repair service from 8 am to 6 pm – with no extra charge for evenings and Saturday’s. Absolute Overhead Door Service of Lexington also provides 24-hour Emergency Service with minimal charge. As part of our flexible scheduling, we offer same-day service provided that you call us by 1 pm. We also offer 24/7 availability for emergencies. For customers with approved credit, we’re able to provide flexible and easy financing options.


Trusted Lexington Professionals

Absolute Overhead Door Service of Lexington wants to make it easy and stress-free for you to use our garage door services. We provide complimentary consultations for repairs and installations so that you can understand your options before proceeding with the work. We’re open and honest about everything we do because we want to earn the trust of the people we work for and that would be you, our customer.

Our technicians are highly trained so you can be confident that you will get the best garage door service available. By arriving on-time for jobs and working efficiently, we make sure we never waste a customers’ time. Our technicians have the tools and parts they need for a job already stocked on their trucks. They will assess the project, give you a cost estimate to review and get your approval before getting started. Thanks to our high level of knowledge about garage doors, we can produce outstanding results. The best interests of our customers are always our main goal.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction on all our work and stand behind our garage door service. If you have any issue, whatsoever, give us a call and we will be sure to make things right as quickly as possible. Our reviews tell of our dedication to excellence and offering the ABSOLUTE best quality products and customer experience. We’re proud to be the highest-rated garage door company in your area. Quality parts are used for everything we do so that we can stand behind our results. Call us today to see how Absolute Overhead Door Service of Lexington can help you.

Our 22-Point Garage Door Inspection

In the video below, James walks you through the 22-point inspection our garage door experts use when we inspect every customer’s garage door. This comprehensive inspection allows our technicians to identify and diagnose any issues you are having with your garage door.

Hello everyone. James here with Absolute Overhead Door Service of Lexington. Today I’m going to go through our inspection of your garage door and garage door opener. And what you should expect every single time an Absolute Overhead Door technician shows up for a service call at your property. So the first thing that we’re going to check on your garage door, We’re actually going to release the door from the emergency pull here. That will release it from the trolley. First thing that we’re going to check is the balance of the garage door. You want to make sure that you don’t have to struggle to raise the garage door. And then once it gets up and it’s half way positioned, you want to make sure the door is actually going to balance and stay. Not going to raise or drop. Second thing we’re going to check and this is also telling you that the balance of the door is correct You want to check the actual torsion springs. This set here is a torsion spring. you might have extension springs or you can have a torque master with built-in springs. So you want to make sure these torsion springs here are intact and not sneaking make sure that the set screws are set properly, you have the right amount of turns for the weight of your garage door and make sure you have the correct springs on your garage door. Next thing we’re going to check are the end bearings and the center bearing. On the end bearing on the right-hand side, also got one on the left-hand side as well, you just wanna make sure the bearings aren’t wearing out inside of them. The bearings are still wanting to roll correctly, allowing the door to go up and down. The smoother we can get this door to go up and down, the actual longer the life of the garage door will be. Next thing we’re going to check is the spring pad that is connected to your center bearing here. This one is a 2×10 spring pad, a piece of wood that runs from the top of the door all the way to the ceiling you want to make sure that there’s no splits, no cracks or anything like that that’s going to allow that spring pad to pull out of the wall Next thing we’re going to check are the lift drums You’ve got a set on the right-hand and on the left-hand side. You want to make sure that they have pretty even wear. We’ll make sure that there’s not excessive wear, no chips or cracks or anything in the actual drums that’s going to affect the operation of the garage door. Last thing with the torsion assembly that we’re going to check are the tube and the cables. The tube – you want to make sure it doesn’t have any pressed points from the set screws being tightened out too much. That everything is flowing corrected through the drum and through the actual end bearing here. Last thing we’re going to check, come over here and take a look at this are your lift cables. The lift cables you want to make sure that you don’t have any frays, no uneven wear just as well like on the drums. Make sure that they are properly seated on the drum and that they are not rubbing or touching anything while they’re going up. That’s going to ensure the longest possible life for your lift cables. Next thing you’re going to want to check also are the rollers in the garage door. These here have a 13 ball nylon roller inside of them, so you want to make sure that the rollers are rolling and not dragging. Key indicators that they’re dragging is you might see black marks going up the inside of the track, could be up in the top of horizontal track as well, but you just want to make sure that these rollers are rolling properly. Again the smoother we can get this door going up and going down, the longer the door is going to last. You’re also going to want to check the hinges on the door. Make sure they’re not broken, make sure that the teck screws are seated in there properly. You’re going to want to check the door sections themselves. We’re going to make sure there’s no gaps in the panels, make sure your glass isn’t broken, if you have glass. And also check the durability of the exact panels that are up here. Make sure there’s no dents. Make sure your door is not pulling in. If you’ve got an opener on your garage door, we’re going to ensure that you’ve got a strut on there. The reinforcement strut is just going to make this top panel stronger so that when the door is pushing and pulling the opener, or pushing and pulling the door you’re going to make sure that it is not pulling too hard on that section creating a lot of strain in the middle of it, which is going to split that section. Last couple of things we’re going to check on the door is the track. We’re going to make sure there’s no dents/dings anywhere that the rollers could get caught up You’re going to want to make sure that the roller could pop out. So you’re going to check the track. Make sure everything is good with that. We’re also going to check the bottom seal. On the garage door, you’ve got a piece of bottom seal right here. We’re going to make sure that it is not dry rotted. Make sure that it’s not shrunk on the end. Make sure that when the door is down, that it is making a complete seal on the bottom. That’s just going to keep out in the rain and water anything like that Last couple of things, now we’re going to move on to the opener. And we’re going to ensure the proper operation of the garage door opener. So I’m going to use the remote for this instance and this is one thing we’re going to check as well make sure that it is actually responding to the commands of the opener. You’re going to check to make sure the motor works. You’re going to check and make sure that the drive gear that’s located right here, isn’t sheered, isn’t broken off in any way. Make sure that it is properly working and connected to the helical gear and the limit switches and everything like that. Then we’re going to move on to the opener. You’re going to make sure that on the wall button up here that when you press the garage door wall button that it is actually wanting to respond when you press it to stop or open or if you want it to close so the wall button is working great on this one. We’re also going to check the remotes, make sure when you press the remote that it’s going to actually start, close, or stop when you want your garage door opener to stop Last couple of things that we’re going to check are the trolley. We’re going to check the photo eyes and we’re also going to check force of the garage door opener. So we’re going to to get this door connected back to the opener here. To connect the door back to the opener, you’re going take your emergency release slightly pull it forward and you’re going to hear this click once it’s clicked, it’s ready to reengage You’re just going to lift slightly on the garage door until it reengages And now you’re ready. The correct way to test the force on a garage door is to lay a 2×4 down on the ground When the door closes and it hits this 2×4, it should detect that there is something down there and it should want to back off And it’s going to do that automatic. So now, we know that the force is correct. We’ll move our 2×4 out of the way. And we’re going to test the door and make sure it does want to go all the way down Now we know the force is set correctly on this door. The last thing we’re going to check is to make sure the photo eyes are actually working. Both the force and the photo eyes are safety features so that you don’t damage your garage door, a bicycle, car, anything like that. We’re going to test the photo eye, you’re just going to hit the button for the door to go down. You’re going to break this plane right here and the garage door itself Make sure that when it picks you or anything else up that the door is actually going to open back up That’s all we’re going to do to check out your garage door. We’re going to check every function of the garage door, check the function of the garage door opener. We’re going to ensure that everything is working properly and we’re going to make our recommendations from there. So if you’re needing to schedule a service, just give us a phone call at 859-900-2520 and let us know how we can come out and help you. Thank you.

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